Women Who Read Are Dangerous by Stefan Bollman

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As hinted by its provocative title, "Women Who Read Are Dangerous," this book delves into the once-radical notion of a woman engaging in reading. Through chapters like "Intimate Moments" and "The Search for Oneself," Bollmann illuminates how women with books were once perceived as idle or suspicious, tracing the evolution of women's autonomy through reading across the years. Offering insightful and captivating analysis, Bollmann delves into each piece of art featured in the book, providing context about the subject, her connection to the artist, and even the book she is reading. From a 1333 painting depicting the Annunciation to Marilyn Monroe engrossed in "Ulysses" in a 20th-century photograph, this survey presents a diverse array of depictions of women and their books, capturing the timeless allure of this subject.

An ideal gift for graduates, educators, or Mother's Day, this elegant volume is sure to captivate anyone interested in art, literature, or women's history.

This hardback book contains 156 pages.

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