Take The Plunge by Timothy Radcliffe

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To combat a prevailing clericalism in the Christian Churches, Radcliffe argues for a renewed theology of baptism - the baptism of all believers. Timothy Radcliffe holds a unique position in the modern Catholic Church. As Master of the Dominican Order in Rome for nine years, he held one of the most senior and influential appointments the Catholic Church has on offer. But he is a member of an Order of Preachers and is thus truly apostolic. The order's motto consists of one word, Veritas (Truth), and it is the vigorous pursuit of intellectual and emotional truth which is the hallmark of his writing. This new book will not disappoint his admirers. He perceives clericalism to be the besetting sin of the modern age and in order to try and cast this off, Radcliffe goes back to a revived understanding of Christian baptism. His interpretation is profoundly challenging but orthodox, contemporary in its frame of reference and points to Christian renewal in the years to come. In this new book, Radcliffe writes once again in a relaxed style along with a particular kind of English charm and wit, which have already made him an international bestseller.