The Vegan Baker : The ultimate guide to plant-based breads, pastries, donuts, cookies, cakes & more

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For vegans looking to veganize their favourite savoury treats, sweets, and desserts, "The Vegan Baker" by Zacchary Bird offers a unique culinary journey. This extensive cookbook presents over 100 recipes for beloved baked goods, all transformed into vegan delights. From cherry pies to chocolate chip cookies to luxurious chocolate cakes, you can savour these treats without the need for butter, eggs, milk, cheese, or honey.

Dive into the art of creating croissants from scratch, with detailed step-by-step photos guiding you through the process of laminating your pastry. Enjoy the satisfaction of baking fresh brioche, Japanese shokupan, and other breads typically made with dairy. For the daring baker, learn the techniques behind crafting profiteroles, cannoli, and even a croquembouche. With "The Vegan Baker," you can indulge in the pleasures of baking while staying true to your vegan lifestyle.

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