Palm Pals Bobby Postbox Soft Toy

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Introducing the Palm Pals Bobby Post box Soft Toy, your faithful and plushy companion dedicated to safeguarding your little treasures and whispered confidences. Inspired by the iconic red and black UK post-boxes, this cuddly guardian exudes a delightful blend of British charm and irresistibly huggable softness. Ever committed to security, Palm Pals Bobby Post box Soft Toy stands ready to be the cosy custodian of your miniature missives and pint-sized parcels, ensuring they're always cocooned in a soft, protective embrace.

Measuring 13cm, Palm Pals Bobby Post box Soft Toy is suitable for all ages and occasions, making it the ideal gift adored by everyone and a delightful addition to any collection. This lovable red post box soft toy, filled with beans for a comfortable grip, is a charming keepsake that fits snugly in your hand.

This toy features inner fibre fill and beans crafted from recycled plastics.

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