Finding Abundance in Scarcity: Steps Towards Church Transformation by Samuel Wells (ed)

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The pandemic inflicted adversity, hardship and distress on many churches, as on similar institutions. Some were forced to make painful decisions to survive.Yet as people of faith have found since ancient times, the wilderness revealed God's grace more truly, and disclosed God's presence more deeply.

Finding Abundance in Scarcity is a humble account of how the congregation, clergy, staff, volunteers and neighbours of one church, though profoundly depleted, were surprised by joy. It reflects on how they made the crisis an opportunity, improvised amid tragedy, and cultivated their common life anew, thereby sustaining the breadth of their public ministry and compassionate action- not through crafting strategic plans, but through perceiving the unexpected ways God sends abundance.

Clergy and laity from St Martin-in-the-Fields relate how they found beauty, truth and goodness in times of extremity: enough to trust that, humbly shared, their stories might be of hope and inspiration to the wider Church.

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