Ergo, by Alexis Deacon & Viviane Schwarz

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For budding philosophers of all ages, behold the uplifting tale of Ergo the chick. As Ergo awakens, she embarks on a journey to explore her world. From discovering her toes to uncovering her wings and beak, she revels in the marvels around her. But when confronted with a mysterious wall and a peculiar bump from beyond, Ergo's curiosity is piqued. Determined to uncover the truth, she sets out to peck through to the other side.

This inspiring story is infused with humour and charm, much like its predecessor, 'I Am Henry Finch.' Ergo is a book for everyone—from the youngest to the oldest. It's for dreamers, philosophers, artists, the whimsical, and the wise. Through simplicity and style, this profound picture book offers an experience that resonates deeply with readers of all ages

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