Speaking the Truth: Preaching in a Diverse Culture by Samuel Wells

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"Truth" is a challenging concept in a pluralistic culture, and "the truth" is even more complex. Nevertheless, the preacher's mission is to speak the truth—the truth of God in Jesus Christ. What does it take for a preacher of the gospel to speak this truth faithfully, ensuring it is heard, and for words and ideas to inspire action and foster relationships?

Samuel Wells has learned that speaking the truth involves telling the Christian story alongside the contemporary secular story. It requires helping listeners recognise both the harmonies and the dissonances between the two. It means inviting them, with conviction and humility, to decide how their own stories will be shaped by this truth.

In this volume, Wells reflects on the practice of discussing God, faith, the Bible, discipleship, resurrection, salvation, politics, and truth, and on delivering sermons that resonate in specific contexts. This book aims to encourage and instil confidence in all preachers and those in training.

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