The Shakespearean Flowers Grow Bar

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Simply add water to the Shakespearean Flowers Growbar and watch as a collection of poetical plants, inspired by lines from the Bard himself, blooms before your eyes. Sweet violet, marigold, and columbine, featured in "Twelfth Night," "A Winter’s Tale," and "Hamlet," have been carefully selected for their exquisite beauty. Throughout his works, Shakespeare eloquently portrays over fifty different varieties of flowers, utilizing them as symbolic motifs, euphemisms, and tools to evoke a vivid sense of place and atmosphere for his audience. With just a small container, some water and a warm sunny spot on your windowsill, you're all set. Within 6-8 weeks, the seedlings will be ready to plant into the ground or pots bringing a burst of vibrant beauty to your garden or indoor space.

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