The Pizza Grow Bar

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While cultivating your own pizzas might not be possible, you can certainly dazzle your loved ones with a selection of freshly grown pizza herbs to adorn your creations. This trio of earthy herbs is simple and rapid to cultivate, ensuring your pizzas are adorned with lush greenery throughout the summer months. Classic Italian oregano brings a fragrant kick to tomato bases and pizzas, while peppery wild rocket adds a fiery zest that pairs perfectly with cheeses. And of course, no pizza is truly complete without a generous sprinkling of vibrant basil, elevating it to mouth-watering perfection. With just a small container, some water and a warm sunny spot on your windowsill, you're all set. Within 6-8 weeks, the seedlings will be ready to plant into the ground or pots bringing a burst of vibrant beauty to your garden or indoor space.

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