The Exotic Fruit Grow Bar

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Utilize these exotic fruits to add both vibrant colour and delightful flavour to cocktails, jams, and desserts.

To cultivate these exotic fruits, kickstart your Growbar journey between March and May.

Carefully unwrap the plastic and position the Growbar with its protective paper facing upward in a spacious container; a takeaway food tray works perfectly.

Pour half a liter of water into the tray and place the Growbar indoors on a warm, sunny windowsill. Maintaining a cozy temperature of 18-22°C is crucial for seed germination.

As the Growbar nears dryness, gently add water to the tray's base, avoiding direct contact with the bar to prevent crumbling. You'll know it's perfectly moist when it retains the rich, dark color of a ginger cake!

After a few weeks, you'll find the bar adorned with tiny seedlings. These can happily thrive together within the bar for another month in their sunny environment.

Once the seedlings boast 4-8 leaves, carefully separate them, ensuring delicate roots remain undamaged, and transplant them to a sunny, weed-free garden spot. While plants grown in well-spaced, sunlit ground will flaunt impressive blooms, it's also feasible to nurture the seedlings in large containers on balconies or patios. 

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