Towards a Theology of Same-Sex Marriage: Squaring the Circle” by Clare Herbert (with Foreword by Sam Wells)

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Jayne Ozanne - "At last, the book that so many have been waiting for - accessible, open, honest and profound"


Can the teachings of the Church about marriage be reconciled with the love celebrated and experienced by same-sex couples?

Clare Herbert’s new book, “Towards a Theology of Same-Sex Marriage: Squaring the Circle” reformulates, explores and challenges ideas about marriage, relationships and sexual identity in exciting new ways.

It is partly a conversation between gay and lesbian people in same-sex civil partnerships, partly an interrogation of the wider church discourse on homosexuality and marriage, and partly an exploration of the author’s own life story as a lesbian priest.

Squaring the Circle’s conclusion is a striking and refreshing one: it suggests that same-sex unions, far from falling short of an ideal, or undeserving to be understood in terms of Christian marriage, offer new understandings of God and of all human relationships marked by long-term commitment and intimacy.