London Hidden Secrets Vol.2 by Graeme Chesters & David Hampshire

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London has a fascinating and turbulent 2,000-year history, during which it has been burnt down several times, rebuilt, bombed in two world wars and rebuilt again. Despite, the ravages of time and conflicts (and developers!), the city has enough world-famous attractions to keep the average visitor or resident occupied for a month of Sundays. These are more than adequately covered in a wealth of standard guide books; what London s Hidden Secrets does is take you off the beaten path side-stepping the city s tourist-clogged major sights to seek out its more unusual charms and esoteric, mysterious side. Like volume one of London s Hidden Secrets, researching and writing this second volume has been a pleasure and a labour of love. It contains a wealth of fascinating attractions that we were unable to include in the original book due to lack of space; in fact, the more research we did the more treasures we found, until a second volume was inevitable. 

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