Kids Fight Extinction: How to be a #2minutesuperhero by Martin Dorey

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Unveil the secrets to combat extinction and transform into a #2minutesuperhero.

Do you have just 2 minutes to spare? Of course, you do! Get prepared to join forces with some of the world's rarest animals. Together, we can combat extinction and safeguard Earth's wildlife by raising our voices and altering our habits—from what we consume to how we travel and the products we purchase.

Discover how you can become a #2minutesuperhero by embarking on 60 enjoyable missions at home, school, and in your community, all aimed at protecting the planet and saving endangered animals.

Informative, practical, and inspiring, this children's guide is authored by Martin Dorey, a dedicated anti-plastic campaigner and bestselling author of No. More. Plastic. Dorey is the visionary behind the Beach Clean Network and the #2minutebeachclean initiative, firmly believing that each individual's voice is crucial in addressing this urgent global issue. 

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