Defenders of the Faith - Catherine Pepinster

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Defenders of the Faith: The British Monarchy, Religion and the Coronation by Catherine Pepinster (paperback)

Revised 2023 edition.

During the Coronation of King Charles III, the Christian Church will take centre stage once again, as the established religion in England. But why does the Church have such prominence in state affairs, and should it keep this privileged position in 21st Century, multi-faith Britain?

In 1953, millions across the world watched the first televised coronation of a British monarch. What they witnessed was a deeply religious, medieval Christian ritual. Elizabeth II's reign was profoundly shaped by her faith, expressed not only in her coronation vows but also in her 70 years as Queen. The Queen's faith was described as her 'strength and stay' amid the turmoil of a nation becoming increasingly secular at the same time as her subjects became increasingly more varied in their religious beliefs.

Defenders Of The Faith explores the powerful connection between religion and the British monarchy from its earliest times, through to the Reformation, the Civil War, and the reconfigured wholesome family monarchy of Victoria and her successors, down to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II -- and into the future when the new Defender of the Faith is crowned.

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