London's Secret Places by Graeme Chesters & David Hampshire

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London is one of the world s leading tourist destinations with a wealth of world-class attractions more than any other city in the world that draw millions of visitors a year; amazing museums and galleries, beautiful parks and gardens, stunning palaces and grand houses, and much, much more. These are covered in numerous excellent tourist guides and online, and need no introduction here. What aren't so well known are London's numerous smaller attractions, most of which are neglected by the throngs who descend upon the tourist-clogged major sights. What London's Secret Places does is seek out the city s lesser-known, but no less worthy, hidden attractions. Inside you'll discover a wealth of fascinating small museums and galleries; historic churches and other ancient buildings; captivating parks and gardens and historic lost cemeteries; atmospheric pubs; cutting-edge art and design; and much more. A total of almost 140 destinations in all corners of the city and its suburbs. Of course, not all are secrets, but many are hidden and largely unknown except to a small band of insiders and locals. With a copy of London's Secret Places to hand to inspire you, you need never be bored of London (or life). We hope that you enjoy discovering the city's secret places as much as we did.

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